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East Springs Animal Hospital

Emergency Veterinary Care

It is our priority to accommodate all our patients’ medical needs during our working hours. If you have an emergency give us a call at 719-591-4545 and will do our best to fit you in for a visit. If your pet is experiencing some of the most common emergency conditions we will address the issues immediately. That includes vomiting/diarrhea, bite wounds, lacerations, urinary problems, C-sections, foreign body surgeries, pyomethra, and many others. If your emergency is outside our working hours please call one of the nighttime emergency hospitals listed below.

If you are experiencing an emergency with your pet during non-business hours, please contact the following facilities:

Animal Emergency Care (North)

(719) 260-7141

Powers Pet Emergency

(719) 473-0482

Animal Poison Control

(888) 426-4435